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NDT Equipment Sales

Sonatest D-70 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector UT Set NDT Equipment

UT Set
Sonatest D70

For sale £3,495 no VAT

Free Shipping

UKAS calibration until January 2023.

Sold with charger, probes, leads, cal. block, carry-case and a rubber protective case. Fantastic condition.


Eddy Current Set
Hocking Locator 2

For sale £1,895 no VAT

Free shipping

Standard calibration until February 2023. Supplied with probes, leads, blocks, charger, soft and hard-cases, tripod, tape and manual.

Very good condition.

Electromagnetic AC Yoke MPI Equipment NDT 110V

MagTest MY-2

For Sale £350 no VAT

Free Shipping

Standard calibration until January 2023.

110V. AC Yoke. Several available if needed.

Good condition.