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Dye Penetrant Test

Liquid Penetrant

Liquid penetrant inspection or dye penetrant inspection, is a simple, low-cost method of detecting surface-breaking flaws such as cracks, laps, porosity, etc. To be detected, the flaw must reach the surface to be tested.

Dye Pentrant Inspection of a Weld
NDT on Stainless Steel Pipework

Testa have a huge amount of experience of penetrant testing, having tested components and welds at a broad selection of places, such as pump manufacturers, oil refineries, offshore installations, power stations, fabrication engineers and at amusement parks.

At Testa, all the NDT technicians we use, are qualified to industry recognised PCN (personnel certification in non-destructive testing) in accordance with BS EN ISO 9712.

A Defect Found with Dye Pen
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