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eddy current inspection, surface inspection, crack detection, non-destructive testing with Testa Limited

Eddy Current

Eddy Current is a non-destructive testing technique used for the inspection of conductive materials without the need to remove non-conductive coatings. An alternating current is passed through a coil in order to create an alternating magnetic field which is used to induce a localised current (eddy current) into the material under test.

Eddy Current Test

Eddy current is routinely used to inspect a wide range of different materials and components across several fields of engineering including oil and gas, nuclear, rail, marine, manufacturing, power generation and aerospace.

Testa can test welds only. The benefits of eddy current include (but are not limited to) that test piece requires little pre-cleaning, the technique can detect defects through several layers of surface coatings and it is very portable.

At Testa all the NDT technicians we use, are qualified to industry recognised PCN (personnel certification in non-destructive testing), in accordance with BS EN ISO 9712.

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